How it's made

In the age of mechanizing everything and robots taking over the world; there are still a few of us that do things the old way.  Our sandals have been made the same way (with real hands) for well over two decades. 


We've made some mistakes along the way, which we learned from, we constantly look a qc, trying to standardize handmade as best we can without losing any of the love that goes into each pair. 
Rope and soling is sourced from the best possible places we can find, and when we say "best", we mean from start to finish; is the material the best we can do, is everybody fairly treated along the way, how can we make less of a footprint, do we vibe with these people?  


When we get material in, usually by container these days, as we've grown, but it also makes more sense with smaller shipments, the rope is inspected for many indifferences, anything that is not grade A is put separately, that rope is used to retwist, or make other art out of.  Grade A rope turns into your sandals.  


As we've grown over the past 20+ years we have been able to enable more employment in Nicaragua which has always been our goal, to create monetary flow for a small community. It's not easy, but it has been a very slow and manageable growth for over two decades, and we believe in making an impact in a small community. 


This is all in an house operation, and this year we invested in bringing the sole machinery to Nicaragua, so we will be able to put soles on directly in our factory. For years we have been doing that in Nc, and with the changing times throughout the world we thought is was a good time to bring that part of the job to our factory in Nicaragua, as keeping 50 people employed can be tricky at times, but with this added job we will be able to keep more work flow... you know for when there is like a  war somewhere that puts your really good friends in the Ukraine out of business who ordering a lot of sandals.... it fills in gaps like that.  
Our goal has always been to bring you the best, quality and socially friendly product we can. Thank you for your support.