NSM Adventures

A Nomadic State of Mind.  Traveling, exploring, learning; it's what most of us have done here our entire time on the planet, or at least when we were able to.  Traveling on a shoe string in the youth, working seasonally to explore.

Traveling was always part of the picture, over the past few years we have taken groups to different locations we feel at home at.  Boat trips in different parts of the planet, all to explore and grow.  (by the way, above is a photo of one of the places where we will be)

This is the first one we are opening up a little publicly, and the beginning of another chapter.

This trip if for those of you who want everything taken care of for ya when you drop off the plane.  It's all inclusive minus the airline ticket.  It's coming up quick, a perfect time to get out of the cold and explore our home in Nicaragua at one of my favourite places on the planet.  

Refundable up to jan24.  Limited spots left.  You can buy online or give us an email for more info.

This will be a magical time... no doubt about it.  Yoga, sail, surfing, pickle ball, disc golf, chilling, and gourmet food..